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Lapland Lake Reindeer

Furry Friends at Our Adirondack Ski Resort

Lapland Lake's Reindeer
Lapland Lake’s reindeer spends his days in a lakeside pen with a cozy barn for shelter. Viima (“Winter Breeze,” born March 2005) loves visitors – a sign along the Lake Trail points the way. In the summer time Viima especially enjoys the ferns that grow right near his enclosure, but he prefers not to eat “people food” as it upsets his stomach. Please make sure children are accompanied by an adult when visiting. (Photo by guest Troy Cusson)
LittleBit was a stray until she hit "pay dirt" here at Lapland in June of 2010! It took no time for us to spoil her, and she has made herself very much at home. She is very affectionate and has become a favorite of all our cat-loving customers. She lives in the "Finnish Line" Lodge, and like all of our other pets, it is best that she be fed her regular diet and not "people" food. LittleBit had a very difficult life before she arrived at our door; we would ask parents to be certain their children approach her quietly and treat her very gently. She is very special to all of us.

Kiva ("Fun" & "Cool", born May 2012) is a Karelian Bear Dog. Olavi was raised by his grandmother on the island of Karelia in Finland, so having this adorable pup from his homeland makes her extra special to us. This is an unusual breed in the United States but a very common one in Finland. Kiva adores people! it is best that she be fed her regular diet and not "people" food. If you are paying close attention you will notice what a matched set LittleBit and Kiva are. We didn't plan it this way, but it sure is cute!


Balto is the newest addition to the Lapland Lake "Furry Friends" family. He is a rescue husky mix from the wonderful folks at Peppertree Animal Rescue in Averill Park. He joined us in September 2013, and he and Kiva became fast friends. Balto loves LittleBit, but LittleBit is still not so sure about Balto. He was found on the streets of Georgia and transported to NY where he found his forever home with us. He loves everyone, is kind, gentle and very much wants to please. Except for his coloring, he and Kiva could be twins! Since he was a stray and as he has epilepsy, we ask that everyone treat him with an extra dose of care and love. As with all of our pets, please refrain from feeding "people" food.


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