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Tips for First-Time Cross-Country Skiers

If you’re thinking about strapping on some cross-country skis for the first time ever, congratulations! You’re about to start enjoying one of the most enjoyable of outdoor activities!

You’ll be shushing in beautiful woods, gliding by pristine lakes, listening to little else but the wind in the trees, your skis in the snow, your rhythmic breathing, and perhaps the call of an elk, wolf, hawk or other animal in the distance.

But if this if your first time on cross-country skis, here are some tips you may want to follow: Continue reading

The Cross Country Skiing Emergency Kit

Bring a First Aid Kit While Cross Country SkiingThe Importance of Having an Emergency Kit and a Plan if You’re Injured in the Woods While Cross Country Skiing

If you enjoy hiking or cross-country skiing (or even “just” plain walking or downhill skiing), there’s always a chance you could become injured on the trail.

If you’ve been hiking or cross-country skiing for several miles, you could find yourself in the woods with no cell phone signal and no one nearby to help you.

That’s why it’s absolutely critical that you take a small emergency kit with you. It’s also wise to have a plan in place beforehand. Continue reading

Adirondack Snowshoeing

snowshoeing adirondacksSnowshoes allow your weight to be distributed over a larger area so you float on the snow rather than sinking into it. Snowshoes come equipped with bindings that strap on over your own winter boots. We recommend wearing insulated, waterproof boots rather than ski boots (which are not designed for use with snowshoes). Gaiters are helpful to prevent snow from falling into your boots.

Snowshoeing is an aerobic sport, so you may find you will want to remove layers as you exercise. Taking along a rucksack and dressing in breathable layers, as you would for cross country skiing, is recommended. Be certain to pack a camera along with liquids and healthy snacks for your Adirondack snowshoe outing!

Weight and snow conditions will determine which snowshoe from our inventory will work best for you. Our staff will be happy to assist with fitting your boots into the snowshoe bindings. Some snowshoe enthusiasts prefer to use poles for additional balance. If you would like poles to use, please ask. There is no additional charge for rental of poles when you rent snowshoes from us.

Snowshoeing is yet another wonderful way to enjoy a crisp winter’s day here in our winter wonderland. Enjoy!

The Importance of Sunblock and Lip Balm When Cross-Country Skiing

lip-balmCloudy winter days can still result in sunburn and chapped lips when outdoors. This can be especially true if you’re in a wooded area or fields full of white snow while cross-country skiing.

Why? Because UV rays pack a bigger punch at higher elevations. What’s more, snow also reflects UV rays, helping you become even more sunburned than in summer.

Even cloudy days and days of snowfall can result in sunburned skin – again the snow acts as a reflector of UV rays….right on to your skin!

To protect your skin from sunburn and lower your risk of skin cancer, follow these tips: Continue reading

Warm Drinks on a Cold Day After Skiing

coffeeWhen it comes to cold, the winter days around Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center can get frigid to beat the best of them, with average daytime highs in December, January and February of about 30 degrees F and a nighttime low average of about 13 degrees F.

Yet it’s gorgeous here, as we are surrounded by woods and trails, perfect for a day of cross-country skiing or an afternoon spend exploring on snow shoes.

It’s one of those cold winter days that is perfect for indulging in a delicious warm drink. Read below for some of our favorites.

There’s little that says cozy winter than a mug of hot chocolate or cocoa. The steam rising from the mug as you hold it in your hands. It’s another word for heaven on a cold winters’ day. Be sure to breathe in the chocolate aroma so closely that the steam clouds your glasses and the warmth penetrates your entire body!  Continue reading

Fresh foot of snow!









A foot of gorgeous fresh snow! Olavi is in grooming heaven & expects all trails (except 3km trail on Woods Lake – ice not yet safe) open for Friday & the weekend. 35km ski trails, 12km snowshoe trails, 2 jr. tubing hills. 6-10″ compacted base, 16″ in woods. Today’s skiers & snowshoers have grins miles wide!
If you are seeking a sure-to-be-appreciated holiday gift, consider a Lapland Lake gift certificate. Order online & your certificate will be on its way in moments to you or to your gift recipient. Holiday shopping made easy! The gift of winter fun!

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