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2018-2019 Winter Season Passes

Treat yourself to a fabulous winter season at Lapland Lake Nordic Vacation Center!  Abundant natural snowfalls combined with impeccable grooming performed with state-of-the-art equipment including a powerful Prinoth Husky Snowcat ensures cross country skiers a superb winter experience. 38km of expertly designed trails appeal to all skiers from first-timers to experts, using classical or skating techniques. 12km of trails are ungroomed, marked and mapped snowshoe trails.

Season Pass Membership Benefits:
* Skiing, snowshoeing, tubing and ice-skating whenever facilities are open to the public

* 10% off purchases made in the "Finnish Line" Ski Shop season-long (valid on individual items valued at $10 or more; discounted and handcrafted items excluded.)

* One time use "Bring a Friend" facility use coupon (free pass on regular weekdays, half price pass on weekends or holidays)

Youth / Young Adult Pass offers an affordable rate for young adults age 18 - 24.  Also available for youth age 6 - 17 who are not covered by a family pass.  Must show proof of age and pick up in person.

Family Pass plans include all children in the family ages 17 & under.  Family Pass #2 covers 2 parents/guardians and all dependent children 17 and under.  Family Pass #1 covers 1 parent/guardian and all dependent children 17 and under.

For the lowest price, order your season pass by mail with payment by check before October 30th.  Download the form here.

Season Passes can also be ordered online at the before or after 12/9 pricing as applicable. 

Season Pass Rates

By 10/30

Mail Only*

Before 12/9

After 12/9

Youth / Young Adult (age 6-24)




Individual (1 adult age 25-64)




Couple (2 adults ages 25-64)




Family Pass #1 (1 parent or guardian
and all dependents age 17 and under)




Family Pass #2  (2 parents or guardians
and all dependents age 17 and under)




Silver Strider (1 adult age 65+)




Silver Strider Couple (2 adults ages 65+)




School Team Member ($50, dates and conditions to be provided)




* Mail Only pricing requires payment by check.  We cannot accept credit card payments with this rate. 

Hardcopy applications are available for download here.  Just print, fill out, and mail with your check. 

Terms and Conditions of Use:

1) Season Pass Usage: Your season pass may not be used by anyone but yourself. (Transfer, or the attempt to transfer, will result in revocation of the pass without refund and is punishable under NYS THEFT OF SERVICES LAW.) If in the event of a transfer or use by another, or any other act which in management's opinion is misconduct or misuse of the facilities, management may revoke your season pass without refund. Your season pass must be presented to any authorized Lapland Lake representative upon request.

2) Lost Pass: Any loss should be reported to the main office immediately to prevent misuse. A fee of $25 will be charged to replace a lost Season Pass.

3) Forgotten: A full price ticket must be purchased if a Season Pass holder forgets his or her pass. Sorry, no reimbursements.

4) Proof of age: Applicants for age 65+ Silver Strider and age 6 - 24 Youth / Young Adult passes may be asked to show proof of age.

5) Release from Liability: I fully understand that cross country/nordic skiing and/or snowshoeing can present risk of serious injury or death. I understand that during cross country skiing/snowshoeing I am responsible for determining the safety of any ski/snowshoe trail based upon my own experience and skill level. I recognize that ski conditions may change rapidly, and I accept this as a known risk. I understand that bare spots, variations in snow, ice and terrain along with bumps, moguls, stumps, forest growth and debris and rocks and any other hazards or obstacles may exist within this ski area. I realize that falls and collisions do occur and injuries may result, and therefore I assume the burden of skiing under control at all times. I hereby assume these and all risks and hereby release and hold harmless Majestic North LLC, Stoney Creek Nordic, Inc. DBA Lapland Lake, and their respective officers, directors, shareholders, members, employees and agents from any and all liability claims or demands which may arise out of these risks and hazards while I am using the facilities of Lapland Lake.  Before signing this application, purchasing or using your pass, you must read and understand the notice warning to skiers/snowshoers and the release printed above. I, the undersigned, have read, understand and accept the terms and conditions governing the sale of season passes at Lapland Lake and the release from liability agreement which is an essential part thereof.  I am signing freely of my own accord for myself and have the authority to sign this application on behalf of any other persons set forth on this application, including all minors.  I understand that as such, I have bound myself, my heirs and assigns, and all such others on whose behalf I have signed, to the terms and conditions set forth herein.

6) Return/Refund Policy: The season pass is a non-refundable item.



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